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🚀The ARAB INTERNET – The Future is Here 🚀


“Allow all Middle Easterners and North Africans (MENA) to own their Web3 ID Smart Names for their Crypto Wallet, UPI and much much more.”

Watch our video pitch first below to grasp the problem – solution Web3 provides = Freedom!

Join us as we redefine the internet’s future, one TLD at a time. Web3MENA.ORG is your gateway to the emerging era of decentralized online identity.


🚀 Launching these TLDs and many more! 🚀

UAE, Dubai, AbuDhabi, any small village or business and person can own its own Web3 ID even its own TLD :




Kingdon of Saudi Arabia :





and many more.

🌐 Unveiling the Future: Web3.0 Revolution! 🌐

The internet (Web 2.0) as we know it is on the brink of transformation by the “New Internet,” Web3.0 – the decentralized web!

One of its core elements is the “namespace.”

This namespace stands for everyone, supporting English, native language scripts, numbers, signs, and even emojis.

🚀Your unique single name for the internet. Smart Names in any language, Sign, Symbol, Number or Emoji for Web 3.0 and the MetaVerse 🚀

Your unique online identity now available in ALL languages.

The above is built on the Handshake blockchain – read more.

💡 Why Use Handshake Smart Names in Web3? 💡

View this educational video below and click here to find out more of their user cases.

🚀Did you know you can secure your smart name on the .us3, uk3, .de3 and many others web3 TLDs already available on major US Namecheap, EnCirca, 101domain.com and other Web3 Registrars?🚀

Our partner Agaamin Technologies has launched the .bh3 and .mu3 and many other vernacular as well as emojis TLDs.

Visit – https://Agaamin.in

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🚀We are seeking Web3 investors and MENA, GCC, UAE, KSA partners.🚀

Ideally local digital authorities and telecom Partners as strategic marcom partners to help reach 1M+ Smart Names and Web3 IDs by YR 3 and offer a great ROI to our early backers and investors.

Thank you to read our business plan on LinkedIn click here for the ROI Forecast plus the SWOT analysis.

Get in touch to launch this amazing Web3 project together.