🚀 Embark on the Web3 Smart Names Revolution with WEB3MENA.ORG🌐

We are SmartMedia.Agency and Agaamin.in, two pioneer and innovators in Handshake TLDs. We’ve partnered to launch WEB3MENA.ORG.

Allow all Middle Easterners and North Africans (MENA), Emiratis (UAE) and Saudis (KSA) to own their Web3 ID Smart Names for their Crypto Wallet, UPI and much much more.🚀

Web3MENA.ORG, founded by CEO Sebastien.mu3 and Sajan Nair (sajan.bh3), two Handshake 🤝 ambassadors and pioneers who aims to revolutionize online identity and digital interactions for the 568 million residents in the MENA region by introducing Web3 Smart Names.

🌟 Agaamin’s Smart Vision: ‘Future’ in Web3 🌟

Almost a year ago, Agaamin introduced .bh3 for ‘Bharat’ in Hindi, the perfect precursor to his groundbreaking TLDs. India’s internet domain with the ingenious ‘smart name’ .bh3, .e₹, .à´­, .ভ, .भ, .foodz, .rarity, .🇮🇳👩 and many to more TLDs to come as demand grows.

In Sanskrit, ‘Agaamin’ means ‘future.’ Founder Sajan Nair envisions bridging the digital divide through the Indian internet he’s pioneering.

🔥 Sebastien Staub: Paving the Way for Web3Domains 🔥

From Mauritius, Sebastien Staub, a renowned domainer, director of SmartMedia.Agency, and co-founder of Web3Domains.auction, handpicked Agaamin.in to forge a Web3 namespace for  Mauritius with the TLD .mu3. Sebastien recognized the time was ripe for Mauritius to own its namespace, serving the diverse and national population inclusively. Sebastien’s TLD .mu3 carries this legacy forward.

Sajan Nair (sajan.bh3) who needs no introduction in India has already build India’s First Web3 Registry and Registrar Agaamin.in and just launched Handl.bio – Handle your content, connect & commerce, with your Handshake identity.

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