💡 Why Use Smart Names in Web3? 💡

📺 Watch Sajan’s video to understand the power of Smart Names:

Smart Names offer:

– 🌐 Unified Digital Identity

– 🪙 Web3.0 Asset Management

– 📧 Vanity Email IDs and More

Web3 🤝 Smart Names User cases:

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a. Identity Creation and Verification:

Collaborate with government institutions to integrate official identification documents into the blockchain. Users can create and verify their Web3 🤝 Smart Names digital identities through a secure and user-friendly process.

b. Partnerships with Businesses and Universities:

Partner with businesses across industries to integrate Web3 Smart Names into their services. This includes e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, and more, enabling secure transactions and personalized experiences.

c. Registrar Business models:

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d. A Handshake Developer Platform:

Provide an all the technological support to develop dAPPs and allow Web3 🤝 developer tools to encourage the integration of Web3 Smart Names into third-party applications, fostering an ecosystem of innovation. See white paper here.

4. Technology:

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Web3 🤝Smart Names utilize Handshake.org blockchain technology for decentralization, ensuring the security and immutability of user data. Smart contracts facilitate identity management, ownership, and access control. Strong encryption techniques and zero-knowledge proofs enhance privacy and data integrity.